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New in town...

Hi! I'm Sarah, I'm 25, and I moved here last month. I have an apartment in the sehome area and am looking for a full-time admin job. I'd love to connect with other people near me and make some new friends! Now for my questions...

I have a guinea pig. Are there local feed stores that carry bulk quantities of: guinea pig pellet food, pine shaving bedding, and Timothy hay? Does anyone know of a good exotic vet in the area? I'd love to connect with other guinea pig owners in town, for piggy play dates, swapping piggy-sitting for vacations, etc.

Where are the 3-5 nearest sandy beach access points? I'm thrilled to live so close to the ocean now, I just need to know where to go to enjoy it.

Are there any local card/board game or movie groups I could connect with? I'm looking forward to making some new friends.

Thanks much! =)
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