Keith Chambers (salivar) wrote in ljbham,
Keith Chambers

The Potato Burrito

Dear Bellingham:

The other day I was on a lunch break from basketball camp and I had a potato burrito. Now, I had never before had a potato burrito but was aware of its history.

Back in 2000 I was a sophomore in high school and read an article in the student newspaper extolling the benefits of the potato burrito. The article boiled down to saying "You're either going to love it or hate it." So that stuck with me. Flash forward a couple years to when I was trudging through life at Whatcom Community College and my burrito obsession turned towards Bandito's Burritos and their Ranch Burrito and biker lifestyle support. Still no sign of me snagging a potato burrito, however people had the audacity to compare any burrito in any conversation I ever had about them to Casa Que Pasa's potato burrito. Somehow I avoided purchasing one through all the conversation.

In 2006 Casa Que Pasa closed. In 2007, somehow, the Potato Burrito's secret recipe found its way to the menu at the horseshoe cafe. Again, somehow I avoided it. Then the big day finally happened: Casa que Pasa reopened its doors. Finally the Potato Burrito would come home. Then again I was still not brave enough to attempt it.

I went to Casa Que again on my own accord. What did I get? Fish Tacos. I had decided it was time to get them because I really do like fish tacos, but these ones left a little to be desired. It was finally time to jump into the world of the Potato Burrito.

So I went and I got my burrito, sat down with my friends and, with a bent fork, dug in. I don't know what all the fuss was about. Nine years of hearing about this and... it's a burrito with a super thick flour tortilla I can't cut through. Alright, but not to die for.

Now to get another one and see if my theory is true.

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