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Welcome to LJ Bellingham. This is your LiveJournal community for all your Bellingham, WA needs.

These are things we'd like to see at LJ Bellingham:

1. Event notices. Do you have an event you want everyone to know about and come to? Post about it here! Promotion that isn't to excess is PERFECTLY acceptable here!

2. Questions about Bellingham. Thinking of moving to Bellingham, and want to know about the nightlife in the city before you make the choice? Or maybe just moved here, and want to know where the best grocery store is? This is the place to ask.

3. Silly, random stuff pertaining to Bellingham. "So, I was at Boulevard Park today, and I decided to see if seagulls would eat wasabi...."

These are things we'd not like to see at LJ Bellingham:

1. Flame wars. This is not the place to attack your friends and enemies. Save that for your personal journal or email. If this happens, the offenders will be warned and, if the flame war doesn't stop there, the posts will be deleted.

2. Spam. Ahh, Spam. Squishy pink meat. Wait... I mean the OTHER kind of spam. As stated above, promoting events is fine... just use common sense. Try not to post about the same event twice (unless you're asking how people liked it after the fact or something), and try to keep your events in Whatcom County (unless you're looking for a ride to an event in Seattle or something). Unnecessary spam-y posts will be subject to deletion.

3. Quizzes. Obviously, this is not the place for them.

That being said, we plan to take a hands-off approach to moderating LJ Bellingham, since that is what we find works best. If you have any questions about these terms, feel free to contact either of us.

Your moderators,
lintilla and sayaka